Pretext n°19: 14 (funny) reasons to wear our Chouz inside and outside!

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We're all going through a peculiar period and despite the end of the quarantine, many of us are still staying at home (teleworking, unable to take the train…). These past few months have given us the time to clean up the house from top to bottom, allowed us to bring out the artist within us, reflect on the meaning of life or do some shopping! So here is a (not exhaustive) list of reaons to fall for our Chouz! 

Still a bit quarantined?

The MCC shoes are perfect: 

- If you want to organise a My Choupi Chouz fashion show, for the great pleasure of your family, your partner, your roomates...

- To practice your juggling skills with your heels (the goal is to be able to join a circus)

- To reproduce the « I want to break free » clip with your Chouz ! (go check the clip if you don't see what we're talking about)

- To master the lift from Dirty Dancing (you just need to convince your other half…)

- To successfully do the yoga position you've been trying for a while, in Chouz of course ;)

- To do a change of heels contest: be the fastest!

- Redecorate your home with heels!


The end of the quarantine is finally here, and we're so happy about it! However, we must remain vigilant, but our Chouz are perfect for the following activities:

- To finally meet your Tinder date: he will fall for your MCC style!  

- To match your heels with your mask: the devil is in the details ;)

- For waiting in the McDonald's line, the 4,5 cm heels are ideal in this case.

- Rediscover your city from east to west: with the height of your choice, but remember to bring some spare heels in their little pouch, to relieve your feet if necessary!

- We dress up so quickly now (to make up for months of frustration after wearing our p-jays a lot, and after having visualized all our looks in our heads), but we don't always have the perfect shoes that go with our outfits...BAM! With MCC, we can easily match our Chouz with all our outfits!! 

- You've missed your friends, so you want to be on time for the reunion. With My Choupi Chouz, you can walk even faster to meet them even more quickly, thanks to the 4,5cm heels. Once you get there, you can change your heels in 1 clic, to be on higher ones! The dream. 

- Your pedicure is perfect now: you can finally buy or wear your MCC sandals


More seriously, My Choupi Chouz allows you to change your mind as well as your heels! You can express your creativity, your personality by playing with the different combinations. Don't hesitate and go create the Chouz of your dreams, here!


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