Pretext 20: Matching your MCC heels to your nail polish

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Summer is here and it's time to put your sandals on and to free your feet! Who says summer, says freedom when it comes to nail polish colours, you can wear yellow or turquoise nail polish all you want ! Wonder how to match your pretty nail polish with your shoes? Here's the solution ! 

In order to be stylish from head to toe, you can pick colored nail polish that will go perfectly with our summer heels ;) 

For large budgets

If you have a large budget for your nail polishes, we recommend Chanel nail polishes. They offer a nice colourful range every year. Margaux only wears these, (we salute her mother who works for this beautiful house ;))

For a colourful look, put your Isolella on and your red heels and match them with your red nail polish. It's the essential colour to have in your closet!


For medium budgets 

If your budget is medium and you wish to have a good quality of nail polish, we suggest you several brands: Essie, OPI and Butter London! Those brands have made a place for themselves on the market.

For a 100% summer look, we take our Porticcio and our turquoise heels! Of course, we remind the color of the heels to our nails, with the turquoise nail polish from OPI, a great brand of nail polish! You can even change the strap of the Porticcio for our turquoise blue lacings, how great !


To stay in a blue range of nail polishes, we continue with an electric blue nail polish from Essie. Depending on the height that suits you best, you can wear your electric blue heels in 4.5 cm, 6cm, 8cm and even 9cm. That leaves you quite a few choices, doesn't it? What's great about these heels is that they go very well with our Ramatuelle or Isolella sandals, as the dark colour of the sandals brings out this beautiful blue!


For the Choup's concerned about  their consumption 

We also have thought about our Choup's who pay attention to the composition of their products by selecting two brands that make green and organic nail polishes: Manucurist and Avril.

We complete this colourful selection with yellow and coral nail polish. Two perfect colours for summer ! You can match them with our yellow and coral heels (available in 4.5 cm, 8 cm and 6 cm, the latter being only available in coral). 

For the coral, we have selected the Manucurist nail polish, which is made of up to 84% bio-sourced ingredients, made in France and vegan! 


Finally for the yellow nail polish, we've chosen Avril, an organic cosmetics brand that offers quality nail polishes, that is made in France and that is really cheap : count about 3€ for a nail polish! Just because it's organic doesn't mean it's more expensive ;) 

Apply your nail polish and put your Antibes and your yellow heels on and off you go!

SOURCE : avril-beauté.com et

If you don't really like coloured nail polish and you are more of a classic, natural or glittery nail polish person, you can opt for more discreet or pinkish colours.  

For large budgets

If you want to wear the My Choupi Chouz brand all the way through your nails, opt for pink nail polish from Chanel! Match it with our Ajaccio sandals, you will become our n°1 fan!


For medium budgets 

It's time to put glitter on your nails, on your heels and in your life ;) 

We apply our Butter London steel glitter nail polish and put on our new steel heels or steel stripes. These heels are perfect with our dark Isolella and Ramatuelle sandals, so you can have a rock chic look, depending on your outfit!

SOURCE : et 

For small budgets

You like nail polish, but you don't want to spend a fortune on it? We've thought of you too! There are a lot of brands that offer cheap nail polish, but the quality isn't always there, so we have selected two nice little brands for you: Kiko and Yves Rocher.

Glitter, always glitter! It's a classic among more discreet nail polishes, it brings a nice little touch and we love it, since we can match it with our favorite heels! Yves Rocher offers a golden glitter polish that goes perfectly with our Cruciata Champagne and our golden heels (gold glitter and XL gold glitter) - a perfect look for your summer evenings and even weddings!


Finally at Kiko's, we fell for the silver glitter nail polish! Yes, we love glitter at MCC! Combine them with our silver glitter heels and XL silver glitter heels, and we'll shine !


We hope that you will find your happiness in this 100% MCC selection! Matching your nails to your heels is not easy to do, but thanks to our interchangeable heels, everything becomes possible! Let your creativity speak for itself and match your favorite colors with your Chouper heels! 


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