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How to be a brand in 2020?
By offering a quality, aesthetic and know-how package, while paying attention to the choice of production, materials, packaging... Today, we would like to be more transparent with you about how we are engaged in a more sustainable fashion. We are far from being a completely ecofriendly brand, but we try to do our best and to be more responsible day after day.

The MCC concept

We have been ignoring the issue of the mass industry for too long. The fashion industry has a real impact on the planet and we know it because it is one of the most polluting industries in the world. When we talk about pollution, it's not just the clothes, it's also everything around them: the packaging, the transportation of materials to the places of manufacture and then to distribution, etc. 

At MCC, we are proud to have created an innovative concept and we realize that this concept can be less consuming and more environmentally friendly. 
Well, you probably have about twenty pairs of shoes (if not more) lying around your wardrobe, because you only wear one or two pairs per occasion or outfit. At MCC, no more pairs of shoes left in the wardrobe, we have created innovative shoes in which you only need to change your heels to create a new shoe. Great, isn't it? We have also privileged high quality materials so that your Chouz can be with you at every moment of your life, every day, and last as long as possible over time.

We can imagine what you are thinking, less Chouz but more heels? It's true that some Chouper clients are quite addicted, but all our heels fit on all our shoes and therefore can be carried over from season to season.

Moreover, we can even share our heels with friends to create the perfect pair for every occasion. This way, we continue to bring our heels to life while favouring the second hand. We consume less and better!

Who is behind MCC ?

To better understand who we are and what we do, we need to go behind the scenes. Who makes these beautiful pairs of shoes and where? What are our Chouz and heels made of? So many questions that we would like to answer in order to be as transparent as possible with you!

First of all we make our models in our offices in Paris, then a part of the mechanism is made in France and finally we call our factories located in Portugal. We have chosen Portugal for its proximity with France in order to favour a short circuit, but also for its recognized know-how in the world of shoes and leather. We have trusted our workshops to sublimate our creations, our Chouz and heels are therefore handmade, respecting our wish of a mini production in order to avoid overstocking and also in order to help ourselves in terms of volumes (this is why we offer you pre-sales, called by abuse of language, pre-orders). Later on, we would like to set up a real pre-order system for capsule collections, for example, with more waiting time, of course, but in order to be able to offer you more new products and colors and to be able to ask our factories only for the quantity you have ordered in advance. 

What are our Chouz and heels made of?
We have chosen to work with leather, which is durable due to the quality of the material so that your shoes last as long as possible. The leathers we select come from the food industry and not from animals raised only for their skins. It is also a way of using this waste from the food industry, which is the leather, and therefore not producing additional waste. The French "Conseil National du Cuir" explains this very well in its latest video. 

At the moment, the trend is to use vegetable leather (an abuse of language) but we still don't have enough feedback on this type of fabric (quality, impact on the environment.) For the moment, leather remains one of the best solutions for us. 

But we have chosen to create a few boots, made of textile, without animal material, in order to offer an alternative to our customers so that each of them can find what they are looking for among our models. 

Our heels are made of recycled plastic from the waste of the automobile industry and are covered with textile, synthetic material.

The contents are better than the container !

A simple thought, but how many brands do it? At MCC, we have chosen to use natural packaging: the shoeboxes are made of recycled paperboard, the little pouches are made of natural cotton (and you can use them again later). No extra carton for our shipments: our shipping envelopes are recyclable and environmentally friendly when they are incinerated. And finally, when you come to the office to collect your orders, our bags are made of 100% recycled kraft.

Margaux, when she was working as a Product Development Manager in the perfume industry, used to spend months working on the most beautiful packaging, but when she thought about it, she noticed that they ended up in the bin 5 minutes after the product was opened. That's why Margaux wanted to do things differently at MCC.

So our packaging doesn't have strass and glitter, but is more natural and generates less waste. The wow effect is not necessarily there when you receive the package, like some luxury brands, for example, but it happens afterwards when you discover the product and our Chouper concept of shoes with interchangeable heels. You don't need anything more ;)

What next ?

Our aim is to continue to improve ourselves in this more responsible approach: in fact, we would like to set up a system so that you can recycle your old heels in order to be able to recreate new ones. A great initiative that we hope to achieve in the medium term!

In addition, we would also like to promote the sale of our pairs of shoes and heels with small defects that we have called the Choup'inhabituels, during our events. This is a way for us not to throw away these pairs that are quite acceptable and for you to enjoy them at a low price. We are waiting to have more pairs so that we can create a real sales concept. These are part of our responsible approach, because we are committed to finding feet for all our shoes and giving a second life to our models.

Also, we would like, once we are more developed, to use new materials for our heels that are more responsible, however colour and style remain too limited for the moment and we need to keep some fun and glitter in our lives! Recycling our shoes would also be something to put in place as we find this initiative very important and we would be very proud to be able to recycle our shoes to create new ones.

Here we are, you know everything! We really wanted to be honest and transparent with you. We are not the queens of ecofriendly, but we try to do our best and always improve.

We are curious and always want to learn more,
so if you have any suggestions on how we can improve further, please don't hesitate!


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