Pretext n°8: Shoes to assert your individuality

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Feeling bored in front of the same boots that everyone wears all the time? You won’t get tired of the first limited editions of My Choupi Chouz, for sure! They are now available online for pre-orders! As always, they represent innovative shoes with a special MCC touch to stand out.


Hello les Choup’s,


We all know this feeling when you see the brand-new shoes you just bought on someone’s in the street; or worse, on your friends. Obviously, (it won’t be funny otherwise), you spend hours and hours to choose if they are really the perfect shoes for you:

-       you examined them from every angle,

-       you thought about all the outfits you could match with them,

-       you thought that they were your soul mate…

And here is the drama, everyone wears them, and you are already tired of seeing them while they are still waiting for you to unbox and wear them! 


Say Goodbye to this useless waste of time and cruel lack of originality!

We offer you twice as much originality and style with our new bi-material models of boots.


The classic MCC boots models made in black leather look like a new woman and turn into 3 different bi-material models.

Two limited editions:

-       Zip smooth leather and imitation-snake boots

-       Elastic smooth leather and imitation-shagreen boots

Our new boots:

-       The Batilius model: elastic boots that mix smooth leather and leather crust to form a nice duo!


The Shagreen and Snake bi-material models are produced in very limited edition! By pre-ordering on our website, you will be able to choose to feel like a mermaid swimming in the sea wearing the shagreen limited edition or to charm everyone with the snake limited edition.


NB: Please welcome back our famous Batignolles elastic and classic boots made in black smooth leather. You will probably notice that the upper shoe is slightly higher than before. You can wear and assert all your styles with MCC! 


You will be able to have fun and enjoy changing your heels and wear different materials on your shoes.


Ready……. Steady…... Go pre-order!


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