Pretext n°1: take charge of your style!

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My Choupi Chouz allows you to take charge of your style easily!

I'm sure you've all experienced a panic rush in front of a closet where you feel like you have nothing to wear but on the other hand, a closet that almost no longer closes!


That's what happened to me one on an evening of June 2015 when I took too much time finding a pair of shoes matching my outfit. After 30 minutes struggling, I finally came out on the street unsatisfied and especially very late!

It was the trigger to create the My Choupi Chouz shoes with interchangeable heels. To any problem, a solution finally ;)


So, yes, girls, every detail counts! And as Coco said so well, « Fashion becomes out of date, style never »!

So now, you can easily match your shoes with your outfit, one day, bring a colorful touch to a too sober outfit, an other day and finally, choose sober shoes to calm a too funky look, if you wish.


We say yes to the little black dress pimped with colorful heels, yes to a unicolor look, two-tone look, tricolor look, multicolor look! In fact, everything is possible with My Choupi Chouz.

Create your own style and have fun in Chouz!


All the pretexts are good to fall for the My Choupi Chouz so rendez-vous on the e-shop!


Baisers de Paris,



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