The meaning and virtues of colors

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Discover the meaning of the colors and add some into your life. Let us explain why and how to do so with My Choupi Chouz interchangeable heels. 


Red is a primary color, it is warm, welcoming and dynamic. In an office, painting a red wall helps to boost creativity.


Red is a color that stirs feelings


MCC choice : the Pigalle pumps 

These red pumps have a bright color that matches beautifully with many heels to give your style more pep’s!


MCC heels : Apprivoise-moi red snake

Undo the animal side of the heels by matching them with a pair of ankle boots. The perfect accessory!.



Blue is a color that most people like. Depending on the shade, it has calming properties, it ensures security and matches perfectly with light shades like white and beige. 


Blue is often related to dreams, wisdom and serenity.


MCC choice : the Abbesses pumps

With this electric blue color, these pumps bring a touch of bright color and match perfectly with multicolor glitter, golden and silver heels. .


MCC heels : Lagoon-moi Turquoise Green 

These heels help you to escape. Perfect for the Summer, they remind of lagoons and Caraib waters. Wear them with every pair of sandals!



This color is a mix of red and white. Pink is a dynamic color with a touch of softness and delicacy.


Pink is associated with happiness and tenderness. 


MCC choice : the Ajaccio sandals

This pair of sandals gives a smoother side to your style. The number of possibilities in terms of combinations will amaze you.


MCC heels : Contemple-moi pink glitter

Transform yourself thanks to these soft pink heels and add some glitter into your life. 



This color best represents nature and health and is a synonym of hope and luck. Green is a calming color, refreshing and even tonic referring to mint green. 


Green reminds us of nature, it is also a calming color.


Les talons MCC : Apaise-moi sea green

In sea-green suede, the Apaise-Moi heels will remind you of the tender memory of a hot and relaxing Summer. Their pastel color will soften your Summer look, day or night.


MCC heels : Cache-moi pine green

Soft and silky, these green heels are the perfect accessory for a soft look.



This primary color evokes happiness and joy of living. Depending on the shades, this is also a synonym of optimism, dynamism and freshness. It brightens up the environment and is used as a stimulant.


Yellow is a color full of happiness.


MCC choice : the Agosta sandals

These sandals add a touch of color that will spice your style without a doubt ! This bright yellow shows that you have style!


MCC heels : Illumine-moi yellow suede

You will not be unnoticed with these yellow heels. With the same color as the sun, they brighten your day and bring happiness around you.

Wear them without moderation this Summer!.




Purple is synonymous to royalty because at the time this shade was rare and expensive. It is a color that naturally brings a touch of elegance. It is also a soft, light color and synonymous with compassion.


Soft purple is a calming reassuring color that brings serenity.


MCC choice : the Pereire sock boots

These purple boots are simple and chic. They invite you to enjoy a warm and soft winter.


MCC heels : Sirote-moi burgundy snake

These heels with an elegant and wild print help you to spend nice winter evenings. .




Colors for brands also have a meaning.

Logos have different colors because they represent the qualities and virtues that brands want to share.


Mc Donald logo - the most popular logo, has yellow and red; tonic, welcoming, warming colors synonymous with joy and optimism. It goes along with their branding and motto “come as you are”. These colors also represent the rapidity of the fast-food to serve.

In 2009, Mc Donald modernized its logo that now has a green background that conveys a positive message toward its engagement for the environment and nature.


Oral B this specialised brand chose a blue logo, the color the most used especially in the health sector to convey the idea of security, cleanness and reliability. Some qualities that help to trust the brand.

As you might have seen, MCC’s logo is formed by triangles that embody femininity and the main color is powdery pink. A soft and modern color that spreads cheerfulness, elegance and confidence.

You know, for sure that you will be warmly welcomed and that we will take care of you, especially if you come for fittings and sit on the comfortable pink couch in our showroom.


Here you know everything about colors and their significations!

It is now your turn to add some color to your life and enjoy having colored Chouz! 



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