To all the Chouper Women

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Little article dedicated to all the "Chouper" Women out there!

On March the 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day. So of course, we feel concerned, being an all-women team #girlpower! But also, because My Choupi Chouz is above all a woman’s story. An innovation created by a woman (hello Margaux), for all women!

Chouper Women style !


If there’s something that we cannot deny, it’s that we’re all different! My Choupi Chouz celebrates these differences by proposing items that are unique and customizable. Furthermore, we also change our mind as fast as we change shi..heels! So we encourage women to express themselves and to be creative in order to reflect their personality, using our Chouz! Thus signing the end of a standardized style and welcoming fun and originality!

Feeling happy? MCC is here for you!

Got out on the wrong side of the bed? MCC is here for you!

In the party mood? MCC is here for you!


A little historic reminder: in France, before 1944, women weren’t allowed to vote. They couldn’t work or open a bank account without their husband’s permission before 1965. And did you know? Until 2013, women were forbidden from wearing pants according to the law! This law dates back from 1800 and was modified in 1909, authorizing women to wear pants solely for the following activities: riding a bike, a horse or skiing. It was officially revoked in 2013! Oups, we were outlaws…


Thankfully today, we have more rights! Women can choose the life they want to lead, and the clothes they want to wear, including pants now that they can! Our outfits reflect our rights and our choices. We are “Chouper” Women, experiencing 10 days within 1. My Choupi Chouz accompanies women in their everyday life, allowing them to juggle with heels as they do with their different activities!


Finally, we wanted to say that at My Choupi Chouz, every day is Women’s Day! We try to create varied quality products, so that every woman can identify themselves and find themselves within the brand. So keep on being Chouper Women and #havingfuninchouz!  

Having fun in Chouz!


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