Valentine’s Day: which team are you in?

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Pro or Con Valentine's Day ? Depending on which team you belong to, we'll tell you which Chouz to wear !


Valentine’s Day is coming and it’s safe to say that this holiday brings about some mixed feelings! It’s a day for the lovers but also a commercialized celebration, kind of corny but also romantical! It’s an opportunity for a girl’s night out but also the perfect excuse to spend the night eating in a restaurant. And sometimes, it’s nothing more than a February 14th. What about for My Choupi Chouz

For us, Valentine’s Day is whatever you want it to be! MCC meets your every need thanks to our shoes with interchangeable heels! Our different combinations will give you the possibility to adapt your entire outfit, including your shoes, to your own Valentine’s day, however you see fit. 

Here are some pieces of advice, depending on what team you belong to:


The Lovers

Romantical to the bone? You’re pro Valentine’s day all the way? Your partner is taking you out on a date? 

We advise you to wear one of red pair of heels to stay in the theme, in 8cm to add a seductive side!

Black babies with interchangeable heels - Valentine's day

The Boycotters

For you, Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a commercialized celebration, a bit corny. There is no way that you’ll be wearing something related to this day! The perfect heels for you will be our dark suede heels, to really contrast with Valentine’s Day’s color red. Don’t hesitate to wear / shop our Pine Green, Burgundy or Electric Blue heels! 

The « Girls First »

You’re not really against Valentine’s Day but you’re more of a « Girl Power » kind of girl! You’ll spend the night out with your girlfriends because girls just wanna gave fun! For you, no questions asked, you need to put on our glitter or metallic heels, to light up the dancefloor! 

The « No care »

For those of you who didn’t even realize that it was Valentine’s Day, you can wear any heels! However, we recommend our blue or brown snake heels, that are perfect for winter and very trendy! 


And finally, for the queens of Netflix & Chill, put on your favorite pyjamas, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and enjoy your night watching Netflix, whilst surfing on our website to find your future purchases

 So, which team are you in?

For us, between Margaux, Bleuwenn and I (Nolwenn), it’s a mix of everything!



Thanks to @aureliemorisphotgraphie for the first two picture & @kdirse for the fourth


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