How can a shoe go from a 4.5cm heel to a 9 cm heel? 

The arch of the shoe has been appropriately chosen to be able to vary between 4.5 and 9 cm. The sole is in elastomer, a flexible material that adapts to the different heights with the weight of the body and with the use. 

Do the heels work on all of the shoes? 

Yes, the heels are completely interchangeable between the different shoes. The objective of My Choupi Chouz is to allow you to indefinitely personalize your shoes and never leave your shoes in your closet again for a more responsible consumption. 

How does the mechanism work? 

The mechanism has been developed to be the most convenient, solid and affordable possible. 

You can change heels in 1 click without removing your shoes from your feet. 


Moreover, all of our products are  tested on several accounts before they are sent  in order to guaranty the best quality possible. 


To change your heels: 

1) Push the tongue towards the sole.

2) Maintain the tongue pressed and pull the heel backwards. Be careful with your fingers and don't put them in front of the mechanism. 

3) Change the heel for the one you want! 

4) Slide the new heel on the box towards the front. 

5) Check if the tongue is correctly in its lowered position. If not, push it downwards with your finger. 

How to best use my Chouz ? 

1) Do not use without heels 

2) Do not take the heel off if the tongue is not held pressed 

3) Do not wear the shoe if the heel is not locked (if the tongue is not lowered) 

4) Do not force the mechanism using tools 

5) Do not put your fingers in front of the heels when you pull it back, it could harm your little hand 

6) Check if the heel remains correctly locked after having an intense activity. 

Failure to follow the instructions and warnings may result in personal injury and in mechanism damage. 

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