How can I take care of my My Choupi Chouz?

To take care of your shoes (besides the heels) in smooth leather, suede leather or velvet goat leather, you can waterproof them to protect your shoes from water and prevent them from getting marked. 

Shoes in smooth leather: you can use polish from time to time in order to take care of the leather and make your shoes shine again. 

Shoes in velvet goat leather or suede leather: brushing them is enough to take away potential little marks. 

Heels in synthetic material: a soft brush is enough, be careful not to brush the sparkly or metal heels !  

Can I have the top piece of my heels changed? 

The top pieces of our heels (little black parts under heels) are removable as on all shoes. Therefore you can get them changed by a shoe maker, if needed. 

Can I get my soles fixed at the shoe maker? 

The soles are in elastomere, a durable material which lasts longer than soles made out of leather.

However, if your soles are damaged, you can take them to a shoe maker to have them fixed. Be aware to only change the front part of the sole and not the part at the back, near the heel, around the mechanism. 

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