Discover the My Choupi Chouz lookbooks and videos to better imagine this Chouper Chouz with interchangeable on you! Click on the different lookbooks to visualize the whole content!


Inspire yourself 

Lacking inspiration in the morning? We help you pair your My Choupi Chouz with different looks: casual, chic, trendy, funky. Everything is possible in MCC! 


Our Chouz in action 

Find out more about the brand and our products by watching our chouper videos in My Choupi Chouz! 


Lookbook Autum/Winter 2019/2020: PARIS-BREST

Our boots get longer and have a square toe in this new collection and for the first time we offer vegan over-the-knee boots. Discover our black Legendre boots, our camel Cardinet boots and our Kelenn over-the-knee boots. 


Lookbook Summer 2019: SEA, SANDALS & SUN 

Discover our 3 new sandals, Cruciata, Esterel and Issambres which take you to Corsica and the French Riviera! We have added color and gold to our initial collection. 


Lookbook Spring 2019: THE CHOUPER WOMAN OF THE 18Th 

Discover our first collection of pumps, Paris 18: Pigalle, Montmartre and Abbesses. 3 places in Paris transformed into Chouper pumps in 3 colors: black, red and blue. 


Lookbook Autumn 2018

To complete our first collection of boots, Paris 17, we present you our new elastic boots the Batignolles and Batilius as well as 2 limited edition boots. We played with different materials for this collection. 


Lookbook Summer 2018 

Discover our first collection of sandals, Corsica ! 

We present you 2 pairs of sandals, Isolella & Porticcio in two colors : black and beige, matched with summer looks. 


Lookbook Spring 2018

Discover our first collection of sandals, Corsica! 

We present you 2 paires of sandals, Isolella & Porticcio in two colors: black and beige, matched with spring looks.