"Paris, a night of June 2015 when I wasted far too much time finding THE perfect pair of shoes for my outfit... That night, it all clicked!

What could I do to match my shoes to my outfit easily? Change THE HEELS, of course! #justgoanidea 

And if we change our heels, why don't we play on their height too...

From that moment, that's all I think about. I'm going to create my job after months of launching resumes overboard and unsuccessful interviews. Despite my engineering and business school diplomas, the job offers don't come to me on a silver platter!


But, surprise! Just when I have (re)given meaning to my professional life, I've been offered my dream job (from before). Reason and security winning, I gladly accept the semi Grail they offer me: a fixed-term contract!

1 year of marketing development in perfumes, my dream for years... What a satisfaction to have lived this formative experience!

On the other hand, with my marketing schedule, my entrepreneurial project is almost frozen.


Summer 2016: showing my desire for a permanent contract or getting into the entrepreneurial world? After taking advantage of what I've learned in a large group, it's time for me to go for it!


I'm alone and I don't know anything about shoes, but I want to do it!

Thanks to my father for being the first to believe in the project and for helping me in the development of the mechanism #handymandaddy. Very far from his field as well, we had to surpass ourselves in his basement!

After months of R&D, having visited all the hardware stores, having made dozens of 3D prints, the "MCC Clic", from its little name the MCCC, is finally launched.


Patent registered, it' s the birth of My Choupi Chouz, a play on words created with my MCC initials.

Beginning of 2017

Travel to Portugal to find trusted and quality partners.

Thanks to my first factories for believing in the project and for supporting me in this crazy project!

End of 2017

Everything accelerates; first real samples followed quickly by the launch of a crowdfunding campaign that allows me to finance the first production.

2018: My Choupi Chouz, A 100% DIGITAL BRAND

At the beginning of 2018, I discover the adventures of a first shoe production.

At the same time, I finalize the first draft of my e-shop after many online courses and tutorials! 

On February 18, 2018, My Choupi Chouz is no longer a dream, it's a reality accessible in a few clicks! 


After a few years managing everything by myself, I surround myself with a few Chouper recruits. We are growing slowly but in order to stay as long as possible on the Chouz market!

From now on, thousands women have made their My Choupi Chouz their best daily allies and what a privilege!

This is only the beginning of the MCC revolution so join the Choupi Chouz gang and have fun in Chouz!


The rest is up to you to create it with us! We listen to you and we develop our products to best respond to your requests and needs. 

No overproduction at MCC, we say yes to responsible production. Our shoe models are meant to be as timeless as possible so that we can offer them to you from one year to another. 

Besides, I have a lot of other ideas in mind, but that will come when it comes! No rush, let's go slowly :)

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