From Machu Picchu to My Choupi Chouz


Margaux Chérif-Cheikh

"Going to the other side of the world to climb the Machu Picchu, that’s great, however, it is easier to rise above every day with the My Choupi Chouz!

My Choupi Chouz reflects both my identity with my initials MCC, my passion for travel and my taste for puns.

My Choupi Chouz is also an invitation to travel, tenderness and, above all, fun."


The Choupi Chouz

"The My Choupi Chouz shoes are timeless and feminine models to which you can add a touch of fun through the heels. Regarding their names, I first wanted to make you travel to my home district, the 17th arrondissement of Paris: the terms "Brochant", "Clichy", "Jonquière" and "Epinettes" made sense."


The Choupi Heels

"The Choupi heels are heels with feelings that will take you to Paris with tenderness!"


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