Let's go for an escapade full of colors, parties and glitter, thanks to your shoes with interchangeable heels!

Your My Choupi Chouz chameleon will be your best summer allies, both in everyday life and for all your celebrations...

We say yes to these pretty colorful combinations of shoes and heels that you can change in 1 click!


“The bride looks stunning as she walks down the aisle, I can't help but see her pretty sandals tucked under her dress. I smile. It was me who found him this perfect pair, worthy of this day. For the ceremony, she wears them with high heels with white sequins, tonight, she will trade them for multicolored sequins, more fun to party and tomorrow, she can customize them to the color of her wedding with pastel notes and summer. »



“Finally, I opted for the divine golden sandals. My Cruciata are kind of my must-haves! Brunch, outing with friends, day at work or ceremony, they follow me everywhere and adapt so easily to all my styles and outfits. I meet the young bride at the brunch table, we toast and share a friendly wink while looking at our shoes: These marvels have changed our lives! »


Available in 4.5cm, 6cm and 8cm


Available in 6cm, 8cm and 9cm

Create and recreate the Chouz of your dreams with My Choupi Chouz shoes with interchangeable heels!

In 1 click, go from 9 cm to 4.5 cm thanks to our patented mechanism!

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