Getaway to Spain & Corsica

A few essential colors were missing from our collection of sandals: here is finally model 1 available in camel and our latest model, number 4, available in camel and silver.

Change heels in 1 click thanks to our patented mechanism but also straps on these 2 sandal models for even more customization!

So, ready for a fun Chouper summer with shoes that suit you and adapt to your current desires!?

New interchangeable heels also expand the collection: discover the 9 new pairs of heels at the end of the lookbook!

Sandals 1, 2, 3, 4, camel, with interchangeable 4.5 cm heels; 6cm; 8cm and 9cm.


Interchangeable silver straps included

The silver Barcelona sandals will be perfect for partying, for saying yes but also for having fun with our colorful summer look! Future bride, bridesmaid or wedding guest? They will be your best allies to wear again in everyday life.


Interchangeable camel straps included

For a natural and sophisticated look at the same time, put on your camel Tarragona sandals and you will be ready to stroll around town, enjoy sunbathing in the countryside or go out to the seaside. Change heels in 1 click to change your activity: nothing like it to feel good!


Interchangeable camel straps included

Personalize your camel Propriano sandals with colorful heels to have a vibrant style all summer long! Opt for metallic heels to shine as much as the sun caresses your skin. Change again and again and even change straps to recreate your Chouz endlessly!

2 new heel materials are hidden in these photos: just a little more patience, the launch is normally planned for the end of May / beginning of June.

However, we advise you not to miss your Chouz size if you have a crush…


A wedding planned this summer? What if you could change heels in 1 click to enjoy the D-day until the end of the night!

Change heels on our sandals, pumps, ankle boots, yes, but also straps and other accessories, in 1 click! Create and recreate the pair of your dreams endlessly…

Opt for heels in the color of the wedding theme (great for bridesmaids), change the height in the evening for more comfort, then wear your Chouz into everyday life!


Your beloved heart patch heels are available for the first time in electric blue, pink and purple! Enough to experience a summer full of love and fresh heels!

Pssst: they will be the perfect gift to offer to your mother for Mother's Day, to your loved one or to your best friend for her birthday...