Our pumps fit normally , we advise you to take your usual size so that your foot is held at the back.

Shoe size guide: HERE

Please note, depending on your habits and body type, the pumps and babies may appear to run slightly small. However, due to their more open construction, this is less the case for the slingbacks and T-Straps shoes.

Pumps are city shoes. They are therefore tighter in nature at the end. However, being made of leather, they will relax over time and with use.

If you are not used to dress shoes, like pumps (or you are always in sneakers) or if you have wide feet and are afraid of being too tight or finally, if you are between two sizes , we advise you to choose the larger size. You can add an insole if the shoe is slightly too big, but support for your foot is not completely guaranteed.

The straps of the babies and T-Straps shoes allow more support for the foot and the adjustable straps of the slingbacks also by tightening it or adding a hole, if necessary.




comparison of interchangeable heels pumps

The pumps, babies, T-Straps shoes and slingbacks (in order) are made on the same last and therefore have the same rounded pointed toe. The toe of the T-Straps shoes has been slightly more rounded from an aesthetic point of view.

Check a video of comparison : HERE

Pumps and babies have the same fit (therefore same support and size): the only difference is at the back of the heel since there is no small tongue and strap for pumps, which gives them less support than for babies if the shoe is slightly too big.

Slingbacks and T-Straps shoes provide slightly more coverage on the front of the foot than pumps and babies (less neckline for slingbacks and more enveloping for T-STraps shoes).






The little extra of babies: the strap helps hold the foot :)

It is 29 cm and is removable. You can easily wear the babies as pumps, the back tab being discreet. It is also possible to change it for straps or lacing to take the customization even further.



The little extras of slingbacks: The adjustable 3-hole rear strap allows you to adjust the shoe to your foot and obtain better support. You can make other holes if necessary.

Thanks to their rear opening, slingbacks are pumps offering more freedom to your foot and thus restrict you a little less unlike a closed pair of shoes. This can therefore provide more comfort to wider feet.



The big extras of T-Straps shoes: the strap helps hold the foot and it is possible to remove the vertical strap to convert them into sandals.

The strap around the ankle is 29 cm and is removable. It is possible to change it for straps or lacing to take the customization even further. It is also possible to wear the T-Straps shoes without the strap even if the support of the foot is not completely guaranteed.

Additional accessories are available to vary from the vertical strap: other straps, clip-on bows and clip-on flowers.

Thanks to their openings on the sides and the open toe which encompasses the foot more, the T-Straps shoes are less tight on the sides than the babies and pumps.