At MCC, we want to produce as fairly as possible. This is why we are offering you the opportunity to pre-order your new pair of shoes and, what's more, at a reduced price to help you wait.

Once the pre-order period is over, we will launch production of the exact number of pairs ordered, as well as enough to allow for some exchanges, with our factories in Portugal. This way, no overproduction, no waste!

Pre-order end date: March, 11th, 2024
Estimated shipping date: around mid-April 2024

NB: When a product is offered for pre-order, we need a certain time to produce it and the shipping date is given for information only, depending on the production schedule.



  1. You normally pre-order your pair of Chouz* and benefit from a reduction.
  2. You wait a month and during this time, the factories will be busy making your pretty shoes.
  3. We receive your shoes at our warehouse and prepare your orders carefully.
  4. You receive your Chouz at home or at a Relay Point and you are nothing but joy!
  5. If the size does not fit, you can obviously exchange or return your pair. We are planning a little additional stock for certain sizes in order to anticipate these requests.

*You can also add other in-stock products to your order and they will be shipped at the same time as the pre-ordered products.